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Sedensky Closed The Investigation Last Year.


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Photo from . The family of a Connecticut lawyer found shot to death in his overturned Mercedes SUV plans to appeal a federal magistrate judge’s decision shielding a prosecutor from answering questions about his decision-making in the case. The family of Gugsa Abraham “Abe” Dabela contends the lawyer was murdered and police officials in Redding, Connecticut, had conspired to cover up the crime. U.S. Magistrate Judge Donna Martinez ruled on March 23 that the prosecutor, Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky III, does not have to answer questions that would reveal his deliberations, debate and analysis that led him to conclude Dabela’s death was not a homicide. Lawyers for Dabela’s relatives told the Associated Press they intend to challenge the ruling. Sedensky closed the investigation last year. The prosecutor said in a statement that Dabela’s car rolled over and Dabela’s gun discharged, resulting in his death. Police, on the other hand, had described Dabela’s death as a suicide.

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